I spy: Rosebank Sunday Market in Joburg

Last weekend we went to visit Rosebank Sunday Market in Johannesburg. It is located at Rosebank Mall’s 4th floor carpark section. It is held every Sunday from 9 am – 4 pm and it should offer live entertainment every last Sunday of the month. They describe themselves as follows: “shopping experience includes an array of tasty delights, interesting bric-a-brac, unusual antiques, original clothing and a eclectic assortment of hand made and creative art and craft market stalls”.

It was cool. There was plenty of space to move around with two strollers, nicely divided sections for crafts and vintage. I was more interested in the crafts section this time but I will definitely go back there some day to spend some more time looking for vintage items and as I read from their website there should be some sort of rooftop bar even (or maybe the bar meant 2 or 3 tables and chairs in one corner, then I already saw the place 😀 ).

Anyway the marketplace was fun way to spend time with my family and do some art shopping. I bought one piece from the artist named Rose Kamoto (will tell you about her in my next post). Because of the location my husband even got to expand his Lego collection thanks to the Lego shop in the mall 😀 . We decided that if we are not heading out of town on the weekends then we’ll try to go and explore other markets Johannesburg has to offer. I already made a list of some I found interesting but the thing is most of the markets are held on Saturday and they are all in different places. Joburg is a BIG CITY, so I think one market per day is all our family can handle right now. Go explore and give feedback! Xx.

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