Eve writes: Do something

Woke up today and got really active – breakfast, diaper and clothes change for both of my kids, shower, some cleaning and then suddenly I felt it coming. The feeling when you don’t want to do anything. Arghh, but it was only 9:30 am and I was home alone with a baby and a toddler. So what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything? Do SOMETHING. Whatever it is, just do it! I mean.. I am lucky because my toddler won’t let me sit around and stare at the wall all day nor sleep. And because he loves to listen to some music and dance and draw, we did all of those things. I thought I would just lay in the bed and let him do all the dancing and drawing but of course you can guess how that turned out. We danced and laughed and then this little art piece happened and danced some more and all of a sudden I had so much energy in me😄🐻

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Creative break: Hand print

Getting messy and creative with my almost 2 year old is one of my favorite time during the day. The way he concentrates while painting with his hands is mesmerizing to watch. You can say it’s just a hand print by looking at the photos, but as I watch him choose color, how intensely he thinks while choosing, how he positions his hand, how he plays with it and how every time he just makes a few hand prints and then signals me that the artwork is finished.

I bring out the watercolors for him to just play, but every time it is me who is learning so much out of this play and i believe so is him. I love how coloring brightens our day and our mood💛💙💚❤️💜

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Creative brake: Fingerprint poster by Gerti Saaler

Fingerprint poster by Gerti Saaler

This cute personalized fingerprint poster was a collaboration between me and one really versatile designer I have known for a few years now, Gerti Saaler (Instagram: @grrti ). I had the idea that my wedding should have one of these guestbook posters, but I wanted it to portray mine (Leo) and my husband’s (Capricorn) astrological sign all tied up in a love bundle and Gerti was the star who made this all come to life on paper. Love it!

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Creative break: Mithio photoshoot

Had the chance to organize a small photoshoot for Mithio last weekend. As it had been raining the whole night and morning we were not sure if we could even carry it through, but look at these happy faces – two brothers and their dogs – it is safe to say: WE DID IT! Thanks @magnusnii and @markusni and your beautiful dogs. Great job artjomfraiman_photography and look forward working with you again!


Mithio is a Tallinn based knitwear brand founded in 2009. The idea is to create timeless, practical, cozy and high-quality knitwear. Brand’s style is inspired by the national traditions across Scandinavia and Baltics.

Every new collection contains different knit types and geometrical patterns. Each item is rich in texture. There is something for everyone, both men and women – a thick and soft cable-knit sweater or a comfy cardigan for long winter nights, or a thinner merino blend sweater as everydays office wear. During these 8 years Mithio has gained the trust of many loyal customers, who value the products visual and practical side, as well as its cozy appeal.

Mithio uses materials from verified and reputable business partners with high environmental standards. Only the highest quality Italian yarns are being used and all the items are made in Lithuania. In this way, we can ensure our customers that our products are made with minimal ecological impact.

The creative mind behind all the coziness and warmth is designer Tiia Orgna. Tiia has 30 years of experience in various garment manufacturing companies and has always wanted to create things that last. “A good piece of knitwear will see you through a number of years and events, especially in our climate, where a quality sweater is something you’ll need throughout the year.”


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