Eve writes: Journey of love

The journey of me.
The journey of us.
The journey of we becoming three.
The journey of the four of us.
The journey of love.
When inspiration strikes, you surrender and write. Even when you know you should be tucked in sleeping hard (or hardly sleeping) ‘cuz your 3-month-old has been a bit fussy sleeper few days in a row and you need every precious minute of sleep to fuel your body for the next adventurous day with 2 small kids. Real moments. Pure happiness. My biggest loves. Photo by amazing Kristiin.

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Creative break: Hand print

Getting messy and creative with my almost 2 year old is one of my favorite time during the day. The way he concentrates while painting with his hands is mesmerizing to watch. You can say it’s just a hand print by looking at the photos, but as I watch him choose color, how intensely he thinks while choosing, how he positions his hand, how he plays with it and how every time he just makes a few hand prints and then signals me that the artwork is finished.

I bring out the watercolors for him to just play, but every time it is me who is learning so much out of this play and i believe so is him. I love how coloring brightens our day and our mood💛💙💚❤️💜

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