I spy: Bryanston Organic and Natural Market

I spy: Bryanston Organic and Natural Market || Open every Thursday & Saturday 9am-3pm

Visited another market in Johannesburg. Cozy and relaxed vibe. Great place to pop by. I was really pleased because I found one artist who has a bit different style from typical ‘acrylic paint on canvas or paper showcasing African people silhouettes and animals’. It is smth I have wanted to try myself.

On a different note, something for other moms out there. Was happy to find Pure Beginnings baby wipes here. I have been using Jackson Reese’s Kinder by Nature wipes which  I ordered from Amazon but guess what, shipping to South Africa would cost 50 euros so I decided to try out this South African organic baby and kids skin care brand that had good reviews. Wanted to order online but luckily found them here first, bought some to try out. First impressions: good wet feel and not too intense scent. Baby looks happy too👌😄

UPDATE❗Love these wipes!!! Definitely will keep using them. No rash, no bad smell, nothing. Buy them bulk from Dischem Rosebank Mall which is definitely cheaper that I spent when I first bought them from the market🙈

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I spy: Rosebank Sunday Market in Joburg

Last weekend we went to visit Rosebank Sunday Market in Johannesburg. It is located at Rosebank Mall’s 4th floor carpark section. It is held every Sunday from 9 am – 4 pm and it should offer live entertainment every last Sunday of the month. They describe themselves as follows: “shopping experience includes an array of tasty delights, interesting bric-a-brac, unusual antiques, original clothing and a eclectic assortment of hand made and creative art and craft market stalls”.

It was cool. There was plenty of space to move around with two strollers, nicely divided sections for crafts and vintage. I was more interested in the crafts section this time but I will definitely go back there some day to spend some more time looking for vintage items and as I read from their website there should be some sort of rooftop bar even (or maybe the bar meant 2 or 3 tables and chairs in one corner, then I already saw the place 😀 ).

Anyway the marketplace was fun way to spend time with my family and do some art shopping. I bought one piece from the artist named Rose Kamoto (will tell you about her in my next post). Because of the location my husband even got to expand his Lego collection thanks to the Lego shop in the mall 😀 . We decided that if we are not heading out of town on the weekends then we’ll try to go and explore other markets Johannesburg has to offer. I already made a list of some I found interesting but the thing is most of the markets are held on Saturday and they are all in different places. Joburg is a BIG CITY, so I think one market per day is all our family can handle right now. Go explore and give feedback! Xx.

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Creative break: Mithio photoshoot

Had the chance to organize a small photoshoot for Mithio last weekend. As it had been raining the whole night and morning we were not sure if we could even carry it through, but look at these happy faces – two brothers and their dogs – it is safe to say: WE DID IT! Thanks @magnusnii and @markusni and your beautiful dogs. Great job artjomfraiman_photography and look forward working with you again!


Mithio is a Tallinn based knitwear brand founded in 2009. The idea is to create timeless, practical, cozy and high-quality knitwear. Brand’s style is inspired by the national traditions across Scandinavia and Baltics.

Every new collection contains different knit types and geometrical patterns. Each item is rich in texture. There is something for everyone, both men and women – a thick and soft cable-knit sweater or a comfy cardigan for long winter nights, or a thinner merino blend sweater as everydays office wear. During these 8 years Mithio has gained the trust of many loyal customers, who value the products visual and practical side, as well as its cozy appeal.

Mithio uses materials from verified and reputable business partners with high environmental standards. Only the highest quality Italian yarns are being used and all the items are made in Lithuania. In this way, we can ensure our customers that our products are made with minimal ecological impact.

The creative mind behind all the coziness and warmth is designer Tiia Orgna. Tiia has 30 years of experience in various garment manufacturing companies and has always wanted to create things that last. “A good piece of knitwear will see you through a number of years and events, especially in our climate, where a quality sweater is something you’ll need throughout the year.”


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